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Are you a student with lengthy assignments to submit today and have no time to proofread what you have written? Fret not! We all know typos and grammatical mistakes are common. However, they can change the whole meaning of a sentence.

The good news is there are grammar and punctuation corrector online tools that can save your time and effort while improving the readability of your academic paper.

GLU’s AI Tool can check for below punctuation marks misplacements in your writing, Simply Copy & Paste your text and type in the editor and click the Lookup button.

No matter how fluent you are at English, blunders, and typos are mostly inevitable which trouble the readers. Even those whose mother tongue is English make silly blunders. Therefore, you don’t have to get embarrassed, however, proofreading can always improve your document in readability and earn you some extra points.

This amazing tool does not scrutinize the paper for punctuation mistakes, but it also suggests correcting the grammatically incorrect sentences. Now, what can be better! The tool saves your time and makes the article easier to read and understand for the readers. Thus, you get better feedback and engagement from the readers in return.

GrammarLookup is best for checking all sorts of content including academic assignments, business proposals and even articles full of technical jargons. So, you can imagine the strength of the software and its ability to check and correct even the toughest terms.’s

If you want to improve your grammar and punctuation checking experience, consider the following features in a tool and avoid any hassle:

The main aim of such a tool is to make your content free from any blunders, either big or small. Keep in mind that the checks might differ regarding the dialect you use. 

The best tool would be constructed in a way it copes with every English dialect and other renowned terms and languages at the same time. 

GrammarLookUp has incorporated this feature to provide you with the best results.

The tool might not help you in all the aspects as an online academic writer would, however, it is still a great help for students and even professional writers. 

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Be sure your copy is free of common and not-so-common English grammar errors.

Em-dashes are not scary, but a missing comma is. Nail both with Writer.

Writer was built for writing at work, where clear and concise writing is critical. Communicate crisply with Writer.

Whether you are trying to connect with your audience or follow guidelines at work, always choose the right word with Writer.

Do you ever confuse the difference between em dashes, en dashes, and hyphens?


Thank you for making this video on essays. It was informative and it also helps one construct a better essay. :D

Hi Val, if the question directly relates to your opinion you can use rhetorical questions (sparingly) in the exam. As long as it is supporting the ideas of your essay and helps prove your point, it is fine.

This is so helpful for a 700 word essay I need to do


Thank you it helped alot

Wrong attempt.. Firstly kids is an informal word and we are not allowed to use informal words in writing and too much word are repeat

these quotations are very helpful for me and make my essay content better thanks a lot

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Thanks much I got 100 😇😇😇😇

Please I need help linking my refworks to Microsoft

Can you please write some creative writings

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