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In this post, we will show you the 10 best offline grammar checker software.

If you’re preparing a blog post, article, or any other type of written document, one thing you should ensure is that your writing is free of errors. 

While writing, you can make spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. It is relatively easy to avoid the first two types of errors but it can be a tad difficult for the latter. 

Grammar is the way a language is used or a set of rules that tell how it is used. Not to mention, grammar errors are the most common type of errors for writers and unless you’re a badass professional, it can be difficult fixing grammar errors yourself. 

For this reason among others, it is recommended to use grammar checker software when you write. 

Besides, they check for grammatical errors and identify them, so you can make possible corrections. There are both online and offline grammar checker software programs available, although the majority are online. 

Not everyone would want to write using an online grammar checker. With an internet connection, you may get distracted from writing by online notifications from websites or other programs that use the internet.

If you’re a type of writer that likes to work offline, here are 10 best offline grammar checker software programs you can utilize. 

Microsoft Word is the world’s most popular and most used software for writing and editing documents. It is owned by the company behind Windows OS and was first released on the operating system years ago. 

The software comes included in a suite (Microsoft Office) along with others like Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher. 

In Microsoft Word, a Spelling & Grammar Checker is featured in the Review tab of its ribbon. There have been several versions of the software available and all of them have this feature. 

If you are looking for a free grammar correction tool, you are in the right place.

Here You will find what you are looking for.

Grammar and spelling correction is one of the crucial tasks you need to perform before finalizing your draft. While writing an email, article or an academic essay, you can save hundreds of hours by using a free Grammar checker software like the mentioned below.

Thanks to the enhancement in natural language processing and artificial intelligence that applications are capable enough to perform a proofreading task.

Grammarly weekly progress report for Grammar and spellings.

Here are the best five grammar checker tools which you can use for free to save your time whiling working upon a project work. No matter who you are: A middle school student or a self-published author, this list of software is worth checking.

I am personally using this tool and I can tell you, it is wonderful. It’s been two years and I can see significant improvements in my own writing style and word-selections. As a non-native writer and speaker, it can be a life-saving tool.

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