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The plot of the movie is completely based on the novel. The movie is set in the 1930s in a fictional town by the name of Maycomb in the state of Alabama. The inhabitants of the town are quite colorful and we get to see an array of characters. Jean Louise Finch who is nicknamed Scout is a six-year-old girl. Her older brother is Jeremy Atticus Finch and is often called as Jem. They live along with their widowed father Atticus Finch who is a lawyer and goes to work in his office at downtown. The kids stay at home and spend their time playing. The kids are taken care by their black caretaker Calpurnia. The kids are quite close to her. The plot primarily focuses on these three main characters, i.e. Scout, Jem, and their father Atticus.

Atticus Finch, the father of the kids, is a lawyer. He is quite an honest man who believes in equal justice for all. He is also quite kind-hearted and tries his best to help people get justice even if they don’t have any money to pay. This is quite evident from the fact when Scout sees her father accepting nuts as a payment for his services from a man named Mr. Cunnigham who didn’t have any money to pay. Atticus is also quite liberal in his attitude towards his kids. He lets them use his first name to address him. Though their dad is quite upright morally, the kids come to know of the horrors plaguing their social system through his work. They learn the harsh effects of racism. Through these experiences they learn and mature.

There easy going life is dealt a severe blow when the Town Judge asks Atticus to defend Tom Robinson who has been accused of raping a white girl named Mayella. Everything would have been normal but the problem is that Tom is a black man and any black man even accused of raping a white girl was not going to be taken lightly. But without thinking about what bystanders might say Atticus accepts the case. This makes everyone hostile towards him. But the repercussions of his decision doesn’t stop there. It affects his family too. The kids start getting bullied in the school, and the children start calling their dad names. When a kid calls Atticus a ‘ni***r lover’, Scout gets really angry and gets into a fight. But Atticus keeps a calm head and tells them that the reason he took the case was because he believes that everyone has the right to a fair trial. If he does not take the case of Tom then no one will and thus he will not get any justice that he deserves.

Then we are treated to a series of courtroom scenes where we see Atticus try his best to present the facts to the case in front of the jury. These scenes are some of the most celebrated scenes of the movie. Here we get to understand what really happened at the Ewell household. What Mayella Ewell and her father Bob Ewell claims is that Tom raped Mayella and then beat her. But Tom presents a different version of the story. He says that he was asked by Mayella to help her with some work involving the making of a chifforobe. Once he was there, she started forcing herself on him despite him trying to shake her off. While this was going on Mayella’s father Bob Ewell arrives on the scene and sees her daughter trying to force herself on Tom . He gets angry and abuses his daughter. Tom gets really afraid and flees from the scene. Before leaving he sees Bib abusing and beating his daughter.

Scout runs to her home. There she is received by her dad who was really concerned about her. Scout sees that her brother is lying unconscious on the bed and a doctor his checking on him. She also sees an unknown man standing near Jem. Atticus introduces the stranger to her daughter as Arthur Radley. This was the same Arthur Radley whom they used to call Boo. Turns out that the second unidentified man who saves Scout and Jem was Arthur himself and the man who attacked them was none other than Bob Ewell who was father of Mayella Ewell and had accused Tom of raping his daughter. To get revenge on Atticus he decided to attack his kids but in the nick of time Arthur arrived and saved the kids.

Atticus assumes that it was Jem who killed Bob in self-defense. But Sheriff Tate tells that it was not Jem who killed Bob rather it was Arthur who killed him to save the kids. But then the Sheriff adds that it will be unwise to pull Arthur into the limelight and declare him as a Hero who saved the kids. So, he starts reciting an entirely different set of events which ends with Bob Ewell falling on his own knife and dying thus keeping Arthur completely away from the events. He says that let the dead bury the dead. This is where the film ends.

Since the movie is very much driven by the characters, solid performances were required to make the movie relatable and entertaining. And the actors in the film do more than just playing their parts. They complete the film with their incredible performances. Gregory Peck is outstanding in his role as Atticus Finch. He is a method actor and we can clearly see him embody the character as he nails the southern accent. His courtroom scenes were really great and are still counted as one of his best works. Gregory even got the Academy Award for the best actor for his role. Robert Duvall portrays the character of Arthur Radley. It was his first big screen debut. Though brief he asserts his presence on the screen for whatever little time he is in a scene. The other actors were quite good at their job too, especially the child actors. Mary Badham as mentioned before got nominated for the Academy Award for the best supporting actress. The actor who portrays Tom Robinson is Brock Peters. His emotional courtroom scene is quite hard-hitting as he nails the character of a man who is doomed from the beginning.

To Kill a Mockingbird is almost a perfect film. The only issue I have with the film is that I found black characters weren’t given many dialogues. For example, when Atticus goes to Tom’s house to break the news of her husband’s death she doesn’t say anything. I guess this might be because the director is trying to show oppression of the blacks. But I would have liked to see a bit more dialogues delivered by them. I feel the film kind of shifts the tone from black oppression to the greatness of a white liberal. Personally, I would have liked it to be a bit more even toned.

Then, what is the theme in Chapter 12 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

What do we find out about Tom Robinson in Chapter 12?


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