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The first thing is my father is knowledgeable. He is as a handyman in my house. If some electronic devices in the home are damaged, he will fix them by himself. Also, my father is a good chef. He always treated me many delicious foods such as Vietnamese food, Thai food, and Chinese food since I could remember.

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Thanks da

You are mentel so poor essays

Nice speech

@GG girl it’s a new semester and i’m STILL doing the same crap 🥴🥴 watch me write 2 papers before 11:59 pm tonight

Hi Varun, I came back here to thank you so much...your tips and strategies helped me to score 80 in the first attempt...thanks again for sharing...god bless you dear

Thank you! This helped me so much.

this is helpful

Phong Vỹ yes u r right abt that. Hoevr, he will not get band 9 for that may be he reaches b 7.5 barely lol

Not quite, Clerin. 'While' can mean 'as long as', 'even though', or it can be a time interval. So it depends on your meaning first of all, and then you can find the specific synonym from there.

I love your hand writing

@Arshjot Sekhon Note down the pattern of the exam, watch all the videos in this same pattern in the channel and most important thing is take at least 3 mock test before taking main exam

Today is my paper and I am watching this vedio it now

Is it are u sowfiya sherin

Who Is Your Greatest Role Model Essay

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