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If you have a paper that you are not sure of its originality, then it is wise to scan for plagiarism before turning it in. It helps you to be sure of the exact score before handing it over to your professor. In this post, we will guide you on ways how to how to check your Turnitin similarity before submitting a paper, such as Turnitin self-check and more.

With Turnitin self-check and other plagiarism checkers, students can check their drafts before the due date or any time really. If the originality score is within range, then you may submit with confidence in the school’s Turnitin-enabled system.

However, in the case of the similarity score exceeding the acceptable range, then then you can make the needed corrections before submission. The following are the ways to check plagiarism before submitting your paper.

To understand the Turnitin Self-Checker, it is important to know exactly what Turnitin is and how it developed. Turnitin was founded in1997. It is a plagiarism detection internet service. Its headquarters are in Oakland California in the united states. The user has to buy licenses to access its services.

The website of the software then identifies plagiarism by checking submitted documents against its database and content found in large academic proprietary databases. Turnitin also checks all available pages on the internet to detect similarities.

The Turnitin Self-Checker allows the writer to identify most of the mistakes that he or she does when writing and can correct them in future writings.

It makes sure that the writer also does not submit already submitted work. Turnitin is always fair and the results usually have no favoritism.

Turnitin Self-Checker provides you with instant feedback. This helps you identify the mistakes in your writing and correct it as fast as possible.

Some people may argue that using Turnitin Self-Checker is cheating. That is not true. Nobody wants to be associated with failure. I am also sure no academician is always right. Also, no student wants to be associated with plagiarism.

Plagiarism, when it becomes a habit is hard to stop but this checker helps you move away from the habit and acquire honesty. There is that joy that comes from knowing that your work is original. One may proofread an essay or an article and still fail to find small mistakes that may lead to plagiarism.

Therefore writers should use Turnitin Self-Checker to make sure that their work is okay and avoid repeating their work after submission.


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How Can I Check Plagiarism On My Paper Before Using Turnitin.Com

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