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Consider how many times you have been disappointed by a conclusion either because that conclusion lacked logic, vision or revelation. Then, there are those pieces which seem to go nowhere and just end without that feeling of closure. Conclusions can be a challenge even for the most gifted writers, much less the beginning writer. To create a good ending for your narrative paragraph you should practice the following steps.

If you are writing a personal narrative, your ending should also include reflection, or your thoughts about the event. If you are writing a fictional account, include the character's reflection. Consider the conclusions you came to that will shape future actions. End by explaining what you would do differently should the situation come up again. Offer advice to those who face a similar problem. Your reflection is the beginning stage of explaining the lesson learned.

The narrative you have written obviously means something to you or you would have written about something else. However, that does not always mean other people are interested. In your conclusion, you should consider the question every reader has the right to ask, "so what?" Analyze for yourself why this event is significant, and consider why anyone else would care. Is it a universal story that we have all been through? Is it a story that can be told on several levels with layers of meaning? Is it a funny illustration of age-old wisdom? Once you have a compelling reason, include it in your paragraph's conclusion.

Your emotions about the situation should come through in your final statement. Don't be a cold fish if you are writing about a tragic lesson you learned. Don't leave out the humiliation (or humor) if you learned a lesson about embarrassing situations. How did the consequences of your actions affect you? Remember how you felt in that moment you learned your lesson and put it in your reflection. If you are writing fiction, incorporate your character's emotions.

Every story, be it personal or fictional, has a message that is born out of the author or character's reflection. If you are only writing one paragraph, your final statement should make that message clear. This statement of the moral or lesson is the equivalent of the thesis statement in an essay, or the lead in a news article. It makes your point or message known. It should incorporate all the elements mentioned before: reflection, analysis and emotion. If you have followed these guidelines you should have an excellent conclusion for your narrative paragraph.

Based in central Florida, J. Jeremy Dean has written for 16 years and has written news and entertainment articles for "The Daily Commercial" in Leesburg, Fla. In 2002, he won the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors award for criticism. Dean holds a professional writing bachelor's degree from Glenville State College and a master's of education degree from National Louis University.

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Just mentioning the word 'essay' usually sends students into pangs of panic or despair. Creating a lengthy, well-thought-out piece of writing is no easy task. However, nothing can be more frustrating than writing the whole essay and then struggling with the conclusion.

So how do you write a conclusion for a narrative essay? Once the body is written, what else is there to say? To write a meaningful conclusion, think about the following advice.

Let's say you really did write a narrative essay describing your first day of high school. To summarize in your conclusion, restate some of the things you learned because of what happened that day. Here's an example of a few sentences you could use.

In these few sentences, you get a sense of how that first day of school went, but also the insight gained from the experience.

Think of a reflection as similar to the insight included in a summary, but in a more extreme manner. If you're reflecting on the whole narrative, you need to go into greater depth than just mentioning you learned to solve problems. To take it further, describe what you resolved to do, or come to a conclusion about a major life philosophy. Here are a few sentences that would do that for the sample narrative.

If you struggle to provide closure for your narrative, revisit your opening. Most students use a common method for an introduction, like a famous quote or a hypothetical question. To provide closure, bring that idea up again. If you used a famous quote about life lessons, give a new perspective on that quote in your conclusion. If you asked 'When does a person really become a grownup?', then answer that question. It may sounds something like this:

Whatever introductory strategy you used, revisiting that idea is a very simple way to come full circle as a means of providing closure.

Here are several methods for writing a conclusion for a narrative essay. You can summarize main ideas by briefly restating the events or insights from the essay. Or create a reflection by giving in-depth considerations on what has been learned or observed. However, you should always strive to provide closure by relating back to an idea from the introduction to express a resolution or end. When writing a conclusion, consider these three strategies to help create a finish that will be remembered by your readers.


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