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6 hours!


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Thank you Sir. It helped me a lot!

Sure! We will consider your feedback in the right sense. Thank you for watching😊

Superb class

This is clutch ngl

this helps alot! Thank you!

It is similar to other video

Handwriting was good but some some words are in karsu handwriting which I don't understand

Thanks you so much for this help 1 second thanks you so much

Holy shit all these comments are from years ago!😲

Neat handwriting



Suggestion - a video on precis writing

👍👍👍 Thanks sir

Mam for cause and effect no opinion required but you have mentioned in analysis of question opinion is required .what should I follow now

This is the most annoying and hardest part of the exam. I got 90 in everything but just 74 in writing and I need 79 :( Wish me luck on the next take

@English with Alex · engVid English Classes I learn a lot watching your videos. Thanks to you Alex!

Civil engineering is an optional subject for upsc ????

Hello luishappy45, Great question! No, the order does not matter. You can put similarities first, or you can put differences first. It is your choice. The main thing to think about is having a logical and easy-to-read flow to your essay. Also, it is always a good idea to ask your instructor about what he/she wants to see.

Thnx sir

Kb hau ...

@alexcjoe chez stop scamming buddy

Consider visiting your therapist sometimes to channel all that misdirected anger.

Hi Varun, I came back here to thank you so much...your tips and strategies helped me to score 80 in the first attempt...thanks again for sharing...god bless you dear

Ma'am you are really a great teacher and your method is very easy even blind people can learn too much from this and ma'am can you plz check my introduction and conclusion if I write here

Appreciate for the guidance Fatima. Is it possible to share exact layout? I'm particularly interested to know where outline is added.

Too much helpful mamm 👍 keep it up and make more and more videos related to writing task 2 💖

Glad you like it! :))

How To Prevent Plastic Pollution Essay

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