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Yes, newspapers can be recycled. 

Yes, magazines can be recycled. 

Yes! Pizza boxes can be recycled, even if they have grease in them. Make sure to remove any food scraps from the box and flatten it before placing it in the bin. 

Yes! Even envelopes with plastic windows can be recycled.

It depends on how much food is left on them. Try rinsing or scraping the residue off to clean it. “Spatula-clean” is clean enough to recycle! Otherwise, containers contaminated with food cannot be recycled. 

Yes, make sure to flatten any boxes before placing them in the bin. Examples of recyclable cardboard containers are some egg cartons, cereal boxes, and shoe boxes. 

It depends on your local recycling program. 

If the book is still in good condition, try donating it! Schools, places of faith, charities, and non-profits will often accept book donations. If the book is not in usable condition, it can be recycled. Paperback books can be recycled as-is; remove the cover from a hardcover book before recycling it.

Paper gift wrap often is not recyclable when it has a shiny or laminated coating. If you use gift wrap, purchase a type that can be recycled or is made from recycled content. EPA encourages consumers to reuse gift bags, boxes, and tissue paper. Newspaper is an excellent alternative to gift wrap. 

More than 35 million tons of plastics were generated in the United States in 2018 and only 8.7 percent was recycled. Some types of plastics are not accepted in community recycling programs. Check with your local recycling program to find out which types of plastic they accept. When possible, purchase products made from recycled plastic materials. 

Yes, typically the caps and labels can be left on the bottles as well.

On average, Americans recycled and composted 1.5 pounds of waste of a total of 4.4 pounds per person that year.

With some additional effort, Americans can start to recycle even more. This article has some ideas and tips to increase recycling in your home, school and workplace.

Recycling more at home does not require much effort if you spend some time to create a comprehensive recycling system. This system starts with having places to store your recycled materials in the house, whether this is a box, bin or bag. Keep the recycling container next to the trash can and will remind everyone to recycle as much as possible.

Here are some simple tips to recycle more effectively at home:

It is important to take our recycling habit into our schools; it is estimated that 80% of what is used at school can be recycled. Providing children and young adults with exposure to the importance of recycling can help to provide all of us with a greener and healthier community.

If you want to get your school in on the recycling revolution, here’s how:

The last major place you can make a difference in recycling is at work. Below are some ways that you can easily increase your recycling and reusing in the office:

Hopefully, you have learned some smart and simple tips to increase your recycling efforts at home, school and work. Let us know how it works out for you in the comment section. is one of the original U.S grown suppliers of wholesale reusable and recycled eco-friendly promotional bags and totes available in custom sizes. Beware of companies advertising super cheap and low quality products. We offer competitive prices and quality products. We offer a 100% Quality & Price GUARANTEE on all imprinted products! Made only in the U.S.A options available.

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