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@EssayPro Thank you so much.

Clear explanation and we can see each paragraph with the steps for this essay. Congratulations to have a excellent teacher. Thank you 🙏

fantastic essay...thank you so much.

Great mam

Thanku sir

It is a statement which connects the introduction to the rest of the essay. For example, if you are writing an essay about problems and solutions, you may write 'The problems and then the measures to tackle these issues will be discussed using relevant examples in this essay'. By this, it will be clear that you will discuss the problems in the first body paragraph and the solutions in the second body paragraph.

bro make beautiful vedio for basic model verd who i need for writing eassy.

I fell in love with your voice.

@lavishly got a D on it tho ;(

@Farheen hi I have question regarding essay. After finishing one paragraph, we have to give 1 line space in next paragraph or just start straight way.

Thank you so much.

Sir your handwriting is so beautiful ❤️

Same doubt but no one is talkig about that

Every student ever

plzz write a speech on morality declines when nations decline

Thank you for keeping it concise and not babbling like all the other videos. Very cool of you to respect time and provide so much information.

Comparing a stanza naman po filipino and english ty

okay this is weird i have to submit an essay and the deadline is tommorrow lol tanks

Are u supposed start with something like “to begin with”??

Your teaching abilities are so admirable; thank you very much for sharing!


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