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Thank you a lot... ❤🤍

@Xitlalic Salazar great job 👏 I have an essay tomorrow so do you have any tips because that’s a pretty high grade for me lol

@S M ok thanx

This helps me a lot! Im having a hard time in our modular class

This is great,, thanks a lot

Glad to know that so many students are benefitting from your teachings. I am anxious to know about your health now as I read you were not well then. I believe good people like you will be fine against all odds in life.

Hand writting🤒🤒

This is indeed helpful. Thank you so much jay!

Sir where we can practice essay and letter such as mocks any software pls

I feel like you’re talking directly to me when you say do we view essays as just cramming as much as we can and adding enough references to pass 🤣🙌🏻 Lockdown learning with OU is very isolating, so I’m thrilled to come across you on YouTube.

Thank you...Glad you liked it.

It seems half of the body was just covered by intro only😂

Niceeee video

Wowwww thank you so much this is really good idea

Thak you


What Is Conclusion In Persuasive Writing

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