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We can find a certain drawing on the border of the lined paper, including dog lined writing paper with borders. When we see this kind of border, it means we can find the drawings of dogs that decorate the border of the lined paper. We can define that a border design refers to a certain pattern or drawing that surrounds the edge of the paper. The border design is created to decorate the paper line so that the lined paper or ruled paper has a certain theme.

We may find the standard lined paper has blue color in each vertical line. However, we can also get the lined paper with green, purple, or gray color every line, but not black. We don't know the reason why many companies use this color as a default to produce a ruled line. Well, there is a technical reason behind deciding these colors. These colors can be determined as a cold color, especially the blue one. Those colors seem lighter to the other colors. So, it creates the low contrast between the vertical lines and the color of the paper itself, which is white. This slight contrast helps our eyes not to be interfered easily with the written things on the paper. Plus, this also helps to reduce strain on the eyes.

Why is lined paper blue?

When we download dog lined writing paper with borders, we can see a rectangular shape that surrounds the paper as a border. The border itself is used in a form of a margin. We may think that it will be helpful for us to justify the handwriting. However, when the margin of the lined paper was produced, it is not actually the main purpose. Originally, in the past, the border was made to protect the paper from mice or rats eating the paper. When they eat the paper, it obviously damages the paper. So, we can't see the content due to the fragments of the writing being eaten. To overcome this, the paper manufacturers create a margin. So, we can only start writing inside the border of the margin. Since the mice or rats tend to eat the edges only, so the margin helps us to write more centeredly. So, the information that is written on the paper is protected.

Dog Printable Lined Writing Paper With Borders.

What is a border design?


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