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This study explored mathematics teachers’ conceptions of the homework feedback focusing on four key aspects: definition, purpose, types, and perceived impact. Forty-seven teachers from elementary and … Expand.

Homework assignments in engineering courses are still passive learning instruments that often appear as requirements rather than learning tools. This issue arises because the teaching team usually … Expand.

To what extent do teachers use school homework, as a method of teaching-learning in pre-primary schools?

The purpose of this study is to analyze the views of high school students on the concept of “homework” from their drawings. The study was prepared by using a case study design within the qualitative … Expand.

The aim of this article is to address a rarely researched area of home preparation in the Czech environment. The area has a significant role in the education process of the child. The article focuses … Expand.

espanolLos deberes escolares son una de las actividades educativas que mayores controversias ha generado en los ultimos tiempos en diferentes sectores educativos. El objetivo de este trabajo es … Expand.

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The present study aimed to explore these expectations on teachers of Arabic reading, in three keys stages of reading instruction: the planning stage, the presentation stage, and the evaluation stage. … Expand.

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Homework has always been a hotly-debated issue in the US because of the significant role it plays in children’s lives. Despite the wealth of research conducted on the relationship between homework … Expand.

The recent review of school homework research literature conducted by Cameron & Bartel1 claims that most researchers adopt the definition offered by Cooper2 because it is clear and concise. Cooper2 … Expand.

This study explored the relationship between parents’ mathematics self-efficacy and emotional arousal to mathematics and their 12- and 13-year-old children’s mathematics self-efficacy and emotional … Expand.

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Niveles de rendimiento académico e implicación en los deberes escolares en estudiantes españoles de Educación Secundaria.

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This study aims to investigate the forms and frequency of homework given as part of a 4th grade Turkish course assessment in the state elementary schools in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. … Expand.

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It is really an eyeopening experience on the grounds of Psychoanalysis for one to understand the term Abjection , Words like Gag Reflexes, Liminal spaces have really made one to understand the word to the laminal portion of the big word like abjection. At least i will not abject the learning of the word Abjection in detail . Thanks to my friend Azeem to give me this opportunity to probe more deep in to this vast , depth knowledge of the literature .

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Certain people have some reservations about robots capabilities, computers or machine might not be able to take over all human jobs. robots are created by humans and the former cannot create the latter. Also like you have noted teachers and school are still in operation after so many years of technological progress. so we can safetly conclude that smart robots cannot replace human and many jobs can't be done by robots.

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