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Chevening offers a unique opportunity for future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.

The Testimonies keep resounding from other sources. One important thing about the testimonies they shared, was that at a point they did something different from what others did and most they believed that those points and steps are what added to their Excellence in the Application.

In other words ‘apply early’. Chevening scholarship has a deadline From August to September each year. The testimonies so far have shown that early application is key to their success. The month you applied doesn’t matter but the fact remains to APPLY BEFORE THE DEADLINE.

A Chevening Scholarship pays all your expenses to study and live in the UK. The UK is pleased to inform you that they have four of the top eight universities in the world. And the UK is a great country to live in. If you can’t show the interview panel that you are enthusiastic about living and studying in the UK fully funded, then I have to question why you’re applying in the first place.

This you can figure out what we meant by  ” Sell Yourself”.

The Application is no ground for Exchange of pleasantries or pouring your sympathetic situations in writing. The Board expects you to go straight to the point That was a struggle for me because I like to yap (talk) or write a lot (that is one of the reasons I started blogging.

Facebook and Twitter’s words restriction was not doing it for me…lol). So having to convey my message in 50, sometimes 100 words, was really hard. I can say I rewrote my answers more than 50 times. I kept writing, editing, rewriting, editing over and over. I wanted to convey my thoughts without losing any part of it. I think that a dictionary or Google is helpful with rephrasing words.

All falsified information has totally disqualified you. Never exaggerate any scenario or any of your qualifications.

It does not all require that you are expected to fill. But try as much as possible to get the right information across to the board. And there was a question where it was asked ‘how would the scholarship help you?’ One of my reasons was ‘I won’t be able to afford to study here’. There was no need to beat about the bush. It was the plain truth.

You are applying for a scholarship in an English – speaking country, you must be agreed with your tenses. Make sure you re-read every sentence for more than ten times and give every sentence a thought. It is better to take a long time to write your application answers than to make silly mistakes.

With all these steps applied, we guarantee you excellence in your Chevening Scholarship Applications. If this information helped you in any way, feel free to share.

Here are some brief descriptions of the top How to Win the Chevening Scholarship.

Chevening is a prestigious fully funded scholarship for Master’s degree in the UK. It covers your tuition fees, monthly stipend, visa, travel costs, arrival, and departure allowance. You’re practically paid to study! Chevening scholarship application is currently ongoing and here are six top tips to help you win it:

Your essays should be consistent, free of grammatical errors and compelling, let all the parts connect! (You can use Grammarly for error checks).

I hope this helps, please share this post with someone who needs it.

All the best and ‘see’ you next week.

Great article Chidi. Keep up the good work.


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How To Win A Chevening Scholarship

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