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Memory Lane - Do you remember Chris Henry

Updated: May 28, 2019

Chris got in touch with me when he saw the new website, and having heard a little about his time at Hereford Rowing Club, I thought I would share for for old times sake. Chris is 72 years young, and started rowing almost 60 years ago. What great "Then and Now photos".

In Chris' words.....

I didn't have a very remarkable rowing career but I enjoyed every minute of my time at HRC (except for the training)??????

I Started rowing at Whitecross school when Johnnie Hartland came to the school. Won 4 times in 2 years whilst at School - Hereford City Regatta, Llandaff & at Hereford Schools Regatta. I remember once at Derby Regatta us 14/15 year old's racing a Derby School 4 who stripped off their GB tracksuits on the start. They were 18/19 years old at this Public school. In 1962 whilst at Whitecross during the summer holidays I rowed for HRC & at Stourport Regatta won what was then 'Maiden Fours'.

After school I rowed for HRC in two stints 1964 - 1968 & again in the 70's (mostly in 4's). I won about a further 9/10 times (can't remember exactly) but some of the wins were at Bewdley, Bristol Avon, Burton-on-Trent, Penarth, Ross (stroking an 8),Stratford-upon-Avon & at the Tideway Sculling Regatta (cutting attached).

In my last year at HRC I spent most of that time racing in a pair with Mick Jones only to come up against Lambert & Johnson from Worcester either in early rounds, semis & 1 final - where we lost every time to them. Thankfully they came to HRC to help win us the Britannia Cup.

I Rowed in the Head of the River a few times. Best result I believe (the only time I got into the 1st eight) was 50th.

Head of the River crew (161) which was either the 2nd or 2rd crew that year.      Bow -  Paul Morris          2  - Tony Hickling          3 - Martin Bailey          4 - Malcolm Starting          5 -  John Matthews          6 -  Pete Knight          7 -  Hugh Davis Stroke -  Chris Henry     Cox - Ellis ********

Head of the River 1st crew (believe we came 50th).

   Bow - Mick Palfrey         2 - Chris Henry         3 - Richard Attwood         4 - Don Hailey         5 - Ron Watkins         6 - Mike Griffiths         7 - John Matthews Stroke - John Wood     Cox - ********

Any other past or present members like to share their stories.....

Drop the a line - it's great to hear from you all.

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