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Canoeing, Kayaking & SUPing

You don't have to be a budding athlete to get on the water at Hereford Rowing Club, there are plenty of options for those wishing to canoe or SUP from or to Hereford.


There are plenty of options,

If you have your own boat and wish to launch or land here that's not a problem at all, there is just a small fee of £1.50 per person which you can pay on arrival. Parking charges will also apply. 


Don't forget we also serve breakfast in the Bar/Lounge Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8.30am till 11.30am no need to book. 

Maybe you don't have your own canoe, then for canoe trips to or from Hereford Rowing Club. We are now working with Hereford Kayak and Canoe hire to bring you canoe hire right from the centre of Hereford. To find out book and make a booking visit facebook , book here  or ring 07747837554

Fancy learning to canoe or maybe you are an experienced Marathon or Sprint Kayaker then try Hereford Kayak Club 

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