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Our Team - The Committee

Mike Price


Mike Price is a local farmer who enjoys machinery, motors and potatoes

  • President

  • Affiliated clubs officer

Nigel Fraser


Nigel has been at the club many years, along with all three sons who have all competed for HRC.

  • Chair of the committee

  • Rowing/Boat Policy 

Donna Williams

Vice-Chair and Welfare Officer

Donna Williams:  The better half of the Williams partnership

  • Vice Chair

  • Welfare Officer

  • House Committee

  • Rules Policy



Sheila Ward joined HRC in 2019 as our Secretary 

  • Secretary

Norman Matthews

Committee Member

Norman Matthews is named on one of our new training singles.

  • House Committee

  • Rules Committee

Jason Lee

Committee Member

Jason started rowing in 2011 at Walton RC, and moved to Herefordshire in 2014, joining the club in 2016.

  • ex-Captain

  • Social Media/Website

  • Strategy

  • Boat Policy 

Jim Williams

Committee Member

Jim Williams is one of 5 generations of Williams's to be born at the club

  • House Sub Committee

  • Main Committee

  • Ex President and Captain

Liam McSherry

Junior Coach

Liam McSherry fulfils our multicultural quotation by being Irish....Funnily enough he also likes potatoes

  • Junior Coach

  • Ex-Captain

  • Safety Advisor

  • Boat Policy

Chris Head

Committee Member and Mens squad coordinator

Chris spent his informative years at the rowing club, and has recently returned to fulfill his mid-life crisis

  • Boat and equipment maestro

  • Mens squad coordinator

  • Regatta Secretary

Kelly Olive

Committee member and ladies squad coordinator

Kelly joined the club in 2019 thru our L2R scheme, and has epitomised "Rolling her sleeves up" by taking on lots of duties including

  • Committee member

  • Ladies squad coordinator

  • Launch driver

  • Boat Policy

Giles Warner

Junior Coach

Giles with 3 children at the club, and a background in racing is one of our Junior rowing coaches

  • Junior rowing coach

  • Useful when it comes to nose bleeds

Sam Green

Committee Member

Sam Green, another returning member has lots of sculling and rowing experience. 

  • Boat and rowing policy

  • Committee member

  • Technical injection moulding expert....yet to build us a boat!

Ben While

junior Coach

Ben While, another parent and rowing member with lots of sculling and rowing experience. 

  • Boat and rowing policy

Barry Watkins


Barry Watkins is our Treasurer.  He took over from Steve Kent in 2019.

  • Treasurer

Paul Davies


Paul Davies has been Club Steward for 304 years​

  • Bar Manager

  • Camping Manager

  • Parking Manager

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