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Our Mission, Vision and Values


  • To demonstrate  Hereford Rowing clubs Spirit, Teamwork and Competitiveness in attracting and developing our rowing community.


  • To be the leading rowing club in the West Midlands and Wales.


  • Spirit.  Inclusivity, Friendship and Commitment.

  • Teamwork. Trust in each other, work for each other, and develop each other.

  • Competition.  Represent the Hereford Rowing club community with enthusiasm and honour in wearing HRC colours at Local, Regional and National rowing levels.

Our Strategic Objectives

ONE:  Grow our Membership

  • be seen as a top level sports club in Hereford

  • be inclusive at all levels

  • attract members from across the region.

TWO:  Increase the number & level of our club wins

  • grow our wins further at local regattas to become the leading competitive club within WM.

  • Make it normal to compete at Regional and National events.

  • Develop systems and approaches to achieve these wins

THREE:  Enhance our facilities and equipment

  • Ensure our boats are looked after and maintained in excellent condition.

  • Develop an elite boat in all categories to enable competition at the highest levels.

  • Ensure we have racking space for HRC, Affiliated clubs and Private members.

  • Have first class Gym, Tank and Ergo training facilities for growing competitive membership.

FOUR:  Invest in and support our invaluable resources

  • Remove barriers to developing and retaining coaches

  • Have an ongoing Cox recruitment process

  • Incentivise umpire training

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